About Us

We think that our company’s came – Cleanest Carpets – gives a clear indication what you can expect from us. After all, that’s why we have chosen it. Plain and simple, we are a leading provider of professional sanitation services, specifically specialising in carpet and rug cleaning that operates throughout the territory of the exclusive district of Knightsbridge in Central London. We have set up our operation here several years ago and through much hard work and dedication to our craft we have managed to become one of the most trustworthy and sought after contractors in the field here.

Five reasons we are the best in the business

The foundations of our company’s reputation stand on what we believe make up a good work ethic:

  • Responsibility towards the clients’ needs and expectations
  • Staying up to date with the latest developments in the industry
  • Diligence and professionalism while handling even the smallest and simplest of jobs
  • A good cleaner is the discreet one
  • Never failing to show up on time for a job

We follow the rules we have set up for ourselves on day one very strictly, which we believe is helping us greatly gain and maintain the trust of the members of the local community.

Never failing to achieve the best results

We are willing to go an extra mile in order to achieve your comfort and peace of mind. Our cleaners are picked up and vetted from the pool of the best experts in the professional sanitation industry in London. Our team members do not take their responsibilities as just a job – it’s their careers we are talking about and they are already doing everything necessary to advance in them. If you wonder how one becomes the best sanitation firm in town – it is through such people.

The responsible firm you’ve been looking for

At our company we employ not only the best experts, but also the latest equipment and methods in use by the industry. Thus we are able to produce optimal results on a reduced price without harming the environment. As an environmentally conscious contractor we are already firmly in the 21st century and way ahead of the competition on all levels imaginable. All that is left for you to do right now is pick up the phone and make a reservation for one of our excellent cleaning services. We will take care of the rest.